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Nov. 7, 2022

Lesley Bevan Slip Trailing Checklist

Lesley Bevan Slip Trailing Checklist

What is up everyone if you want to start adding slip trailing designs to your pottery I put together this checklist for you so you can start slip trailing enjoy.

  • 1. Sieve slip to remove any lumps. I use a 60 mesh sieve. 


  • 2. Make sure your slip is the correct consistency. It should be similar to wet sour cream or crème fraiche. 

 * If it dangles from the trailer like a paste it is too dry. Incorporate small amounts of water ( a teaspoon at a time) until you like the consistency.

 * If your design “spreads” on contact the slip is too wet. Pour a small amount on a plaster slab and let it dry for 15 seconds, then scrape it back into the rest of the slip and sieve again.


  • 3. Slip trail when your pot is dry enough that you can hold it without warping, but the clay can still be marred with fingernails. Best at leather hard or soft leather hard. Slip will pop off of a dry pot. 


  • 4. When applying, the slip should “trail” behind the applicator. Light contact can be made with the tip of the trailer, but try not to gouge the pot. 


  • 5. Mistakes can be removed immediately with a soft rib or a sponge. Or it can be picked off easily when it is totally dry (though it’s harder to reapply at this point) 


  • 6. When the slip has dried enough that it doesn’t smear or register fingerprints, gently tap down any sharp ridges or spikes with a fingertip. 


  • 7. Let pot dry under plastic for one day to allow moisture of slip and pot equalize 

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